Information for Suppliers

Prompt Payment Arrangements
In accordance with Government decision S29296 of 2 March 2011, the Labour Relations Commission is committed to making every effort to pay suppliers within 15 days of receipt of a valid invoice.

The 15 day period commences on the day the Labour Relations Commission date stamps "Received" on a valid invoice in the Accounts Section.

A valid invoice must:

  • Be addressed to Accounts Section, Room 304, Labour Relations Commission, Tom Johnson House, Haddington Road, Dublin 4
  • Contain the name, address and VAT registration number of the supplier in easily legible format
  • Provide sufficient details to identify the quantity or nature of the services/goods provided, and, where appropriate, reference to the relevant ?staged payment? term agreed in contract arrangements
  • Include the appropriate VAT calculation, including zero rate, where such applies, the unit cost and total cost
  • Be accompanied by a current valid Tax Clearance Certificate, where necessary or when requested
  • Contain any such additional information specified to be required by the LRC on ordering or procuring the services/goods in question.

Invoices that are not in compliance with these requirements may be deemed invalid and may be returned to the supplier to be rectified. Prompt payment will be contingent upon confirmation that goods / services have been received in accordance with orders or agreements and adherence to the points set out above.

Queries / Disputes
If an invoice is in dispute, the Labour Relations Commission will inform the supplier as soon as possible and will work with the supplier concerned to resolve such queries / disputes within 10 calendar days. The resolution of a dispute will be a matter for the supplier and the appropriate staff member in the Labour Relations Commission. Suppliers should have arrangements in place that provides the necessary information which identifies the correct contact, in their organisation, for the resolution of such matters.

Queries can be directed to the Accounts Section of the Corporate Services Division at the address above, by e-mail at or by phone on 01 613 6785 or 01 613 6791.


Prompt Payments by Public Sector Bodies
Reporting Template pursuant to Government Decisions No. 29296 of 2 and 8 March 2011 on 15 Day Payments by:
State Agencies, and all other Public Sector Bodies, (excluding Commercial Semi State bodies)
Public Sector Body: The Labour Relations Commission
Quarterly Period Covered: 01/04/2015 - 30/06/2015




Value (€)

Percentage (%) of
total payments made

Total payments made in Quarter




Number of payments made within 15 days




Number of payments made within 16 days to 30 days




Number of payments made in excess of 30 days




Disputed Invoices








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