More on Training Services

The LRC provides a limited training and development service to meet the needs of service users as identified by individual organisations. The training is provided free of charge and on site in various organisations throughout the country.

Programmes are delivered both on a stand-alone basis or as a module in an organisation?s own training programme. Individual programmes are:

  • Developed to suit the particular needs of every organisation and to accommodate the grievance/disciplinary/dispute arrangements in place
  • Designed to meet the needs of frontline managers whose role demands excellent people management skills and a good understanding of workplace conflict prevention and dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Designed to meet the needs of employees and employee representatives whose role demands a good understanding of workplace conflict prevention and dispute resolution mechanisms.

Further information is available from Freda Nolan, Director, Advisory Services Division. e-mail or from Alyson Gavin, Advisory Officer, telephone 01-6136741 or

Where do I get information about employment rights and employment law?
Booklets explaining industrial relations and employment rights laws are available free of charge from the Employment Rights Section of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise, and Innovation, whose website address is

In addition to the information available in the booklets provided, an individual may get information and advice on his/her employment rights from a number of sources. These include a trade union, legal representation, voluntary groups providing these services, and the Information Service of the National Employment Rights Authority, which can be reached online at
Employers too may obtain information from these sources and from employer representative bodies.
Please note that secretariat of the Service does not provide information on employment rights.

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